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2Ply + Poly 13″ x 18″


  • 2-Ply Tissue + 1-Ply Poly (Water Resistant Layer) Strong and Absorbent.
  • Strong and Waterproof with Horizontal Embossed Pattern.
  • Protects Patient’s Clothing During Dental & Medical Visits.
  • General Purpose Protection Against Dust and Non-Toxic Nuisance Large Particles.
  • 6 Attractive Colors: BLUE, GREEN, PINK, PURPLE, WHITE, YELLOW


125 PC Premium Disposable 2-Ply w/ Poly Patient Bibs 13"x18", Soft and Fluid Resistant, 6 Attractive Colors (PURPLE)


More information for Patient Bib product:

  • Provides the often imitated, but never duplicated Crosstex embossing pattern, which allows moisture to flow horizontally across the towel, protecting patient’s clothing.
  • Bonds the layers of tissue (and poly, when applicable) securely together, eliminating separation of the layers.
  • Embossing Pattern Vertical
  • Offers our exclusive reinforced edge embossing design for added strength and durability where towel clips are placed.
  • Creates the strength of the towel horizontally through the combination of our proprietary manufacturing equipment and tissue formulation. This prevents tearing when a towel clip is applied.
  • Size 18″ x 13″/46 x 33 cm
  • Vantage Fold



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Green, Blue, Lavendor, Pink, White, Yellow

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2Ply, Poly


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